No BT Broadband for 3 Months!!!

British NO teleCommunications UPDATED — It Gets Worse!!! We’ll make your move simple. Let us take some of the stress out of moving home by working to get your service up and running for the day you move in. Ha! Tomorrow sees eight weeks since I asked the BT home move team to move my telephone and broadband service – [&hellip

no bt broadband for two months no bt broadband for two months

Harambe the Gorilla

Petition to Prosecute Parents in Harmabe Case What About the McCanns? I wrote on Facebook a few days ago that the public outcry over the killing of Harmabe the gorilla was once again a sign that humanity is a pretty screwed up thing… With at the very least a strange set of morals when it comes to the killing of [&hellip

justice for harambre justice for harambre

Left Leaning – Political T-Shirts

Political T Shirts With Style I was told recently I was far too old to be wearing ‘activist’ t-shirts… And by coincidence on the same day I read an article online about men’s style after a certain age… I looked down and saw I was wearing a Conspiracy Theory t-shirt faded jeans and Timberland’s… Stuff ’em I thought to myself [&hellip

Madeleine McCann the Truth is Out There

I’ve never written about the tragic case of Madeleine McCann before and not because the family’s lawyers would probably sue me for all I haven’t got… But because the internet is filled with theories – counter theories and so much information it can leave your head spinning… However that’s not to say that my interest in the poor little mite’s [&hellip


Homeless and On Benefits I’m old enough to remember signs on hotels and lodging houses saying No Dogs No Irish and No Blacks… Whilst prejudices still remain – signs like that are now thankfully outlawed… However in today’s society ‘NO DSS’ is the new prejudice – and it’s got to stop… I’ve been unfortunate to have suffered homelessness many times [&hellip

Zika Virus ‘Owned’ By Rockefeller
intrexon zika virus

Deadly Disease Zika Patented By Rockefeller File this under ‘shit you couldn’t make up…’ It’s true – the Zika Virus is owned by none other than the Rockefeller Foundation… The Rockefellers are believed by many to be one of the not so hidden elite… And part of the 13 most powerful families in the world… The Elite Global Families Rothschild [&hellip

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Give Me Tap
give me tap african water charity

You turn on the tap – or faucet if you’re an American – And there it is – clean-ish fresh water – (not in Flint sadly but that’s another story…) Across most of the developed world fresh water on tap is there in an instant… It’s something we all just take for granted… Though when the bills arrive we can [&hellip

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Bargains Bazaar – My Fair Trade Store

First post for a long time… It’s been a mix of battling PTSD – Complex Trauma and ‘life’ lol… But the good news is I’m feeling more positive and ready to blog again… So to my one last reader (lol) thanks for sticking around 🙂 OK since I’ve been gone I’ve begun a new online and ‘real world’ business… It’s [&hellip

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My Absence and Apologies

Depression and Complex Trauma It’s been over a year since I added to this blog of mine… A year that has seen a deterioration in my mental well being… There were times I thought the noose was the way out… But thankfully a mix of medication and therapy is working wonders… I’m not out of the fire yet – but [&hellip

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Leave Those Vapes Alone

Hey Governments leave those vapes alone!!! Honestly I’m getting sick and tired of the persistent nannying and tax grabbing from this Government – not only are they planning on banning vaping in public places (Wales first) – but huge companies such as the BBC are making those that choose to vape do so with the smokers!!! Now call me stupid [&hellip

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Are Anti Spitting Laws Racist or Ageist or Both..?
no spitting sign

I have a ‘spoof’ Twitter account – Scoop Muldoon – he’s kind of my alter ego if you like lol… A faded jaded old cynical hack who breaks the news, as in literally. He hasn’t got many followers but has been re-tweeted by the UK Space Agency and more recently had a tweet ‘favourited‘ by the Boston News lol. That [&hellip

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The GolfaBalls My New Book
author neil humber the golfaballs

In a sudden fit of shameless self promotion here’s a very quick introduction to my new golf come magic come good vs evil kids book ‘The GolfaBalls‘… In a nutshell think a golfing Harry Potter meets Tiger Woods – kind of! Only in this case its the little golf balls that are the magic ones… Each of the 9 balls [&hellip

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My Black Dog

I Had a Black Dog – His Name is Depression Churchill famously called his depression ‘his black dog…’ And for the past few years – make that 40 – (I’m 52 now) I’ve tried to ‘house train’ mine. But like a rebellious puppy mine has stubbornly refused to pee outside. Instead it cocks its leg wherever and whenever it sees [&hellip

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Making an Ass of Health and Safety

The news that a nativity play is under threat unless the virgin Mary wears a riding hat made me chuckle this morning… It’s that kind of story – as seen in today’s Metro – that certainly catches the eye – makes a few people scratch their heads – whilst others (me included) ruefully look at the latest Test score and [&hellip

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Rest Easy Madiba
madiba nelson mandella

NEVER in the history of mankind has one man had such a profound effect on the conscience of the world… Nelson Mandela who passed away late last night aged 95, will be remembered as the man who fought to break the terrible and inhuman chains of the cursed apartheid movement. In doing so he sacrificed his life spending 27 years [&hellip

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Jimmy Savile ~ Eric Gill ~ D Notices & That BBC Art Work

WHY on earth would the BBC commission a sexual deviant with a taste for sexually abusing his own children and pet dog, to produce the main “art work” at Broadcasting House..? It would seem from what is and has been in plain sight since 1932, that’s exactly what the founding fathers of this most British of institutions did. Little wonder [&hellip

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US Lied About Libya Mob

HERE’S what I wrote re the tragic death of US ambassador Chris Stevens… If you cannot grasp the fact that those involved in the storming of the American embassies in Libya and Egypt, were a hardcore of the so called “freedom fighters” armed and backed by the West during the Arab Spring, then I urge you to look for yourself. [&hellip

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JFK and Secret Societies

FOLLOWING on from my last blog post – here’s the speech made by the late great JFK to editors and journalists back in 1961… Even then he knew of the threats faced by the world from the shadowy elite known as the Illuminati. He tried to warn us and they killed him for it… The very word “secrecy” is repugnant [&hellip

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Wagging the Watchdogs Tail

AS a former reporter myself, I’m more than a little worried at the current state of the so called “free world’s” press and the vice like grip of corporate dictators over editorial policy… I came into journalism growing up on the back of the inspirational journalists from the Times Insight Team, Woodward and Bernstein – true hardcore investigative journalism uncovering [&hellip

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RIP J Christopher Stevens

(updated 13/09/2012 ~ see bottom of page)) NO one likes the phrase “I told you so” ~ particularly in this context… But the shocking lynch mob murder of US Ambassador to Libya J Christopher Stevens leaves me sickened particularly as I look back at the article I wrote on this blog back in October 2011… The prophetic title Gadaffi Murdered [&hellip

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Four Faces of Britain

ON a day that marked the 12 month anniversary of the London Riots… On a day that saw the the most remarkable set of athletes give their all in the Olympics to win gold… On a day that saw a bunch of lesser known professional footballers capitulate and completely miss the whole point of the Olympic spirit… We saw that [&hellip

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